My Product Design degree let me to have a very pragmatic consideration of the pipe: first of all it is a tool that has to work efficiently, be aesthetic and be smoked optimally at the same time.
A pipe project has a very straight path of parameters to follow for materials and technical-productive aspects.

I make especially classic shapes because of their functionality and evergreen style. They are made first of all through the medium of a lathe, then a disk and finally the mouthpiece is cut and worked handmade starting from the board.

Despite my preference for classic pipes, I like making no conventional shapes following the Danish School method. First of all I give them the shape on the disk intensifying the wood grain, then I pierce it, cut the mouthpiece and I finish off the pipe.

The materials I use are briar, corbezzolo, olive wood for the head; hard rubber, cumberland or methacrylate for the mouthpiece and boxwood, palm, white walnut, corno, bamboo for the inserts.

I work for specific commissions too: after deciding the shape and the materials I make the pipe following the preferences of the client. I sometimes clean, restore and replace mouthpieces.